XAG Dongguan Factory has resumed manufacturing with comprehensive work environment protection from COVID-19.

XAG resumes drone production

XAG tries to fulfil the large purchasing orders of agricultural drones for the farming season.

Drones4Agro, which is supported by the EU in an EFRO project, aims to produce a fully certified, 150kg drone – a ‘flying tractor’. It offers custom designs on a novel platform that, unlike other proprietary designs, comes in widths from 3m to 9m, equipped with eight to 24 rotors, distributed across the width. These various sizes can support payloads from 15kg right up to 80kg. This, it says, allows users to tailor the drone to suit their operations – from vineyards to open field applications. At the same time it offers different spray application techniques creating very fine, mist droplets from rotary atomisers up to standard, regular pressure nozzles.

Where is drone spraying allowed?

Drone spraying takes off as regulations relax worldwide. Our interactive map shows where drone spraying is allowed.