Gerrit Kurstjens

Gerrit Kurstjens

Australian farmer

Gerrit Kurstjens (76 ) with his family and permanent staff operate a 13,000 ha (32,000 acres) dryland cropping farm in East Australia north of Moree NSW. The soil is very flat and predominantly  heavy cracking clay with an average yearly rainfall of 520mm (21 inches).

The planned crops for 2021 are: Barley 4,800 ha (11,800 acres); Wheat 2,850 ha (7,000 acres ): Sorghum 2,700 ha (6,600 acres) and Chickpeas 2,300 ha (5,600 acres). There are 5 permanent staff. During harvest there is extra help from about 20, mainly ex-students from Europe, Canada, and Argentina ( if permitted due to Corona ) to help with the harvest and transport. We store 40,000 tonnes on farm. All Farming is done with own machines  on Control Traffic Farming (CTF) and no till.

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