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Eurotier 2018


Program Advanced Dairy Farming - Seminar
Tuesday 13 November - 14.00 hour

This seminar takes place on November 13, from 14.00h – 16.15h during the Eurotier 2018 in room New York 2.
Entrance is free, but we like you to pre-register so we can reserve your seat and a free magazine.
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Advanced Dairy Farming
Dairy farms are getting bigger and this challenges the craftsmanship of dairy farmers to keep the cows healthy and productive. An increasing amount of technology and tools are coming to market that help dairy farmers to do just that. Think of sensors or new and more efficient ways to run the farm and pastures. In this seminar, we take a look at a selection of current and near future applications and ideas in advanced dairy farming that help dairy farmers make better decisions in their daily work.

  Agenda Tuesday 13 November 14.00 - 16.15 hour - Advanced Dairy Farming

Opening by host Proagrica,
Emmy Koeleman, chief editor Dairy Global
 Dairy Global



Roxie Muller
Roxie Muller, Innovation Manager at Nedap Nedap