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future farming theatre


Program Smart Arable Farming - Seminar
Wednesday 20 June 2018 - 13.00 hour

Run your arable farm smarter! The use of sensors, big data, software tools and innovative insights on how to farm today and in the future is high on the agenda for many farmers. To learn more about all these exciting topics visit our Proagrica Future Farming theatre at the VIV Europe. In this seminar we take a closer look at new innovations and trends in the arable sector. During this event we delve deeper into more efficient ‘smart’ harvesting, control of pests via sensors and new technologies and the use of big data to get the most out of arable crops. 

corne kempenaar National Testbed for Precision Farming
Corné Kempenaar, Wageningen University & Research 
jurgen de cloedt  Increase yields locally, secure food globally
Jürgen Decloedt, Business Developer VITO Remote Sensing, Belgium
jan brouwer The use of data and artificial intelligence in agriculture
Jan Brouwer, expert Agriculture and Food at Microsoft, the Netherlands

The seminar will be hosted by Geert Hekkert, editor in chief Boerderij Media at Proagrica.


This seminar takes place on June 20, from 13.00h – 14.30h during the Smart Food Week in room Quest, Supernova in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (same venue location as VIV Europe). Entrance is free, but we like you to pre-register so we can reserve your seat and a free magazine.

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