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future farming theatre


Program Future Poultry Seminar
Thursday 21 June 2018 - 15.00 hour

Smart farming for poultry is a hot topic. Where are we at and what are latest insights and smart innovations that help poultry farmers farm better? To learn more, visit our Proagrica Future Farming theatre at the VIV Europe. In this seminar we take a closer look at new innovations and trends in the poultry sector. During this event we delve deeper into smart nutritional strategies, new insights in poultry management and the use of big data in poultry breeding.

daniel ramirez

The potential of feed additive interventions to complement a precise nutrition

Daniel Ramirez, Nutriad, Belgium

lenny van erp Smart poultry farming: Data, sensors and robots in poultry farms
Lenny van Erp, HAS Den Bosch, the Netherlands
steven mitchell How to make poultry farming easier, smarter and greener
Steven Mitchell, marketing manager Greengage, UK
david speller How to embrace the future within the poultry sector to drive forward efficiencies and bird welfare
David Speller, owner Applied Group, UK

The seminar will be hosted by Fabian Brockötter, editor Poultry World at Proagrica.

This seminar takes place on June 21 from 15.00h – 17.00h during the Smart Food Week in room Quest, Supernova in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (same venue location as VIV Europe). Entrance is free, but we like you to pre-register so we can reserve your seat and a free magazine.  

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