Yanmar demonstrates autonomous tractors

Yanmar demonstrated the use of precision location technology for autonomous tractors in Thailand.

Yanmar have participated in a field test to demonstrate the use of precision location technology in autonomous agricultural equipment held by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the working group consisting of Thai and Japan organisations.

The demonstration in the Sri Racha District of Chonburi, southeast of Thailand’s capital Bangkok, served to draw attention to the labor-saving potential of autonomous technologies in agriculture.

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Yanmar's robot tractor YT5113A. - Photos: Yanmar
Yanmar's robot tractor YT5113A. - Photos: Yanmar

Robots required to maintain and raise agricultural productivity

With the agricultural population expected to fall, even in Thailand, robot agricultural technologies will be required to maintain and raise agricultural productivity, says Yanmar. The demonstration event was held with the cooperation of the Thai government to further development of precision positioning technologies. For its part, Yanmar is to conduct testing in Thai fields of its Robot Tractor that went on sale in Japan in October of 2018.

Through its participation in the demonstration event, Yanmar hopes to further the development of agricultural technologies in Thailand, while contributing to the realisation of a sustainable agriculture through the delivery of labor-saving, highly efficient agricultural machinery and services enabled with advanced IT and communications technologies.

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  • The robot tractor working in the field.

    The robot tractor working in the field.

  • Control tablet for operation and settings.

    Control tablet for operation and settings.

Robot Tractor (YT5113A) – Main features

Two modes of autonomous operation
In addition to advancing forward, “Auto Mode” allows the tractor to automatically drive in reverse, stop and execute turns. In “Linear Mode,” while certain driving maneuvers such as turning are performed by hand, the tractor can travel back and forth on its own when cultivating land. Switching between these two modes is possible in the 2-Series, allowing you to customise it for different operators, or according to skill of the individual and the work itself.

Improved workability through intuitive operation and highly-accurate positioning
Operation and settings are controlled via a durable, dustproof and waterproof 10-inch tablet to assure and reliability in the often-harsh environment of farming. Also, it allows for 1 person to operate 2 tractors, as the tablet in the manned tractor can be used to operate the unmanned tractor side-by-side with the manned tractor, or even in reverse.

Extensive safety equipment for peace of mind
Assuring safety for those in the proximity of the Robot Tractor, which is capable of unmanned driving and operation under the surveillance of an operator, are numerous sensors and safety lights. Also, the user can perform functions such as emergency stops on the control tablet.

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