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John Deere presents autonomous robot tractor

John Deere presented a new concept tractor during a dealer event in Spain. The tractor is autonomous, has an electric drivetrain, is equipped with tracks and articulated steering.

Pictures of the new John Deere concept tractor are circulating on the internet. French dealer group Terre Comtoise shared images of the dealer event, where the machine was shown, on Facebook.

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John Deere presents autonomous robot tractor

More than 680 hp

John Deere has not yet released any offical information. According to spec list, of which an image is also circulating online, the electric tractor has over 680 hp.

The images show that the concept tractor is equipped with tracks.

Articulated steering system

The machine should be able to work fully autonomous. What’s also remarkable is the fact that the machine is equipped with an articulated steering system, where a disc harrow is bolted on directly to the tractor.

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  • John Deere presents autonomous robot tractor
  • John Deere presents autonomous robot tractor

Feldschwarm project

John Deere is participating in the so-called Feldschwarm project, in which swarm technology is being researched by several German tractor and equipment manufacturers. It’s not clear whether this concept tractor derives from this project.

The new concept by John Deere will presumably be on display at the upcoming Agritechnica show.

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