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Where is drone spraying allowed?

Drone spraying takes off as regulations relax worldwide. Our interactive map shows where drone spraying is allowed.

In just a few years there’s been a huge rise in the use of drones in agriculture. Their popularity is set to soar globally as countries grant operators permission to also apply crop protection products.

The interactive map below shows in which countries drone spraying is currently allowed, and which countries it isn‘t. We have also made an inventory of the conditions that you must meet in order to use drones for crop spraying. Just click on the icons to learn more about rules and legislation in each country.

This map is not complete yet, and will be updated on a regularly basis. If you have information regarding drone spraying, rules and regulations in your country, let us know:

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  • Equinox's Drones

    That's a good progress. There is high chances of increasing the use of drones in agriculture.
    Loved your article.

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