FJDynamics auto-steering kit: Your experienced assistant in precision farming

Farmers today face a huge challenge – feeding a growing global population with less available land. That’s why there’s growing demand for greater efficiency and accuracy of operations. The FJDynamics auto-steering kit, the “new brain” of agri-robots, offers smart and efficient operations for a wide range of farm machines.

The information provided by sensor modules and GNSS ensures that agricultural machines operate accurately in various working environments. This system works day and night, without fear of rain or dust, and no matter how bad the working environment is. We have also developed a “Running Mode” function for situations in which the RTK signal is disconnected in order to meet farmers’ needs in certain specific conditions.

Centimeter-level positioning accuracy

Using GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and GALILEO satellite signals for precise positioning, combined with a self-developed high-torque water-proof and dust-proof motor, the FJD auto-steering kit can automatically adjust the direction in which vehicle is travelling with operational accuracy up to 2.5 cm. This kit also uses sensor fusion, consisting of satellite navigation, inertial navigation and computer vision to control the steering wheel, so that the vehicle can drive automatically in a straight line.

Obstacle avoidance

Safety is always the first priority of autonomous driving solutions. When equipped with millimetre-wavelength radar with high sensitivity to ensure safety, the FJDynamics auto-steering kit has two obstacle avoidance functions.

With the assisted steering system, the millimetre-wavelength radar will identify obstacles and sound an alarm. The driver just needs to sit in the vehicle and monitor the operation. If there is an emergency situation, the driver can take action immediately.

With the fully autonomous system, the auto-steering kit controls the vehicle itself so that it follows its pre-planned path. In this mode, sensors such as the vision camera and millimetre-wavelength radar are activated for obstacle detection and avoidance. Vehicles can thus detect and avoid obstacles themselves and keep going.

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The FJDynamics auto-steering kit, the “new brain” of agri-robots, offers smart and efficient operations for a wide range of farm machines. - Photo: FJDynamics
The FJDynamics auto-steering kit, the “new brain” of agri-robots, offers smart and efficient operations for a wide range of farm machines. - Photo: FJDynamics

A wide range of adaptability

The FJDynamics auto-steering kit is suitable for various brands of agricultural vehicles, farming and tube harvesting machines. It can be used for a variety of agricultural operations, such as ditching, harrowing, seeding, fertilising, spraying and harvesting. It basically offers smart operation for the whole chain of cultivation management.

Remote monitoring using a big data platform

By acquiring the real-time position and speed of vehicles, our system can help farm managers obtain real-time operations data, providing operation traces and speed curve charts. A HD camera and high-speed data network enable users to have a better picture of the surroundings and ensure operational quality. Operational data is connected to the FJD big data platform. Operators can check aspects of the working environment such as the state of fields, air quality, water patterns, and the operational condition of the vehicle at a glance. This system allows you to carry out more precise management on your farm.

How does it work?

The FJDynamics auto-steering kit consists of a control terminal, electric steering wheel, sensor module and GNSS antenna.

  • The control terminal is a combination of a display and a controller. The 10.1-inch HD high brightness screen is clearly visible even when there is strong sunlight.
  • The self-developed electric steering wheel with highly-integrated torque can be used in any kind of environment.
  • The sensor module is integrated with multiple sensors to ensure high-precision operations and working stability when the vehicle is running.
  • The GNSS antenna is capable of positioning with high accuracy and able to receive data on longitude, latitude and direction. The signal is relatively strong and stable.

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