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5 tools for intuitive, successful spraying

These days growers are faced with a host of application challenges. Ensuring your sprayer is properly calibrated for sprayer drift, there’re more challenges to overcome. Ag Leader has several universal techniques in house which makes spraying-life easier, more efficient and effective. All of those tools are housed in Ag Leader’s new ‘DirectCommand’ ISOBUS Liquid Control module. Tools that can help remedy many of these pressing topics.

  • Photo: Ag Leader

    Photo: Ag Leader

Paperless Documentation

As regulation on product application becomes more stringent, sprayer controllers must become more precise and offer improved product control and documentation. DirectCommand paperless documentation programs provide a hassle-free way to manage your controls.


Today’s agriculture is increasingly data centric; your information needs to be more accessible than ever. With the AgFiniti cloud-based platform, take information about your entire operation with you wherever you go to help you make decisions on the farm that matter most. Simplify application reporting with an easy way to generate detailed reports for government recordkeeping then export SmartReports using AgFiniti for quick reporting and distribution through the email options within AgFiniti.

AgFiniti Mobile

Paired with AgFiniti Mobile, applicators can take their maps with them on their iPad at the end of the day, allowing for quick and convenient decision-making and application documentation on the go. For example, product application data logged to the display can easily be synced on the iPad to take with you to the field for scouting, reporting, application product purchasing and spot checks.

Complex Tank Mix Management

As application products become increasingly complicated, our tank mix menu in the terminal was recreated to be simple to use yet detailed enough for today’s tough regulations. Account for how you want to define tank mixes — by either product total amounts or by a mix defined by the amounts applied per acre.

Drift Control

Diligent growers see value in being stewards of the land and abiding by the 4 R’s (right source, right rate, right time, right place) of responsible stewardship. The DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid module makes it easier with realtime monitoring of droplet size based on current system pressure with an easy-to-use interface and dynamic colour-coded pressure gauge (see picture). Apply with accuracy and efficiency.

Operators can simply follow the wizard-based tip management menu in the terminal to get droplet monitoring:

  • Enter the characteristics of your tips in the wizard or choose yours from one of the several commonly found ISO tips already entered in the system.
  • Look for the indicator on the left side of the run screen and use vehicle speed to control droplet size.


Droplet Size Monitoring with Pressure Fallback

The Pressure Fallback feature helps ensure proper coverage in low flow scenarios. As an example, when the operator slows down at the edge of a field with the majority of sections shut off, effective weed control may not occur because the flow meter is recognising an incorrect rate. With Pressure Fallback, the system automatically uses the pressure sensor to accurately calculate the desired rate and ensure proper coverage.

With emerging weed resistance across the country, it is more crucial than ever to apply product correctly to maximise chemical efficacy. Monitoring the droplet size helps ensure proper plant coverage. For example, when using a contact herbicide, a smaller droplet size and high volume of carrier per acre is necessary to ensure the product application is effective. Failure to do so can result in inefficient application, additional costs and even substantial fines.

Load-And-Go Versatility

The user interface of the DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid module features easy-to-use, wizard-based, step-by-step intuitive methods to calibrate the flow, pressure and ground speed sensors that are critical to accurate system performance. You will not forget anything, and the intuitiveness makes sure you don’t have to guess anything. Additionally, the Load-and-Go configuration feature takes the guesswork and stress out of setting up the sprayer prior to operation.