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Bogballe launches intelligent monitor for spreaders

The Calibrator Totz monitor offers fully automatic calibration, GPS section control and use of application maps. Bogballe says the Totz computer allows growers to optimise spreading of fertiliser.

The fully automatic quantity calibration function ensures that the desired amount of fertiliser is applied, which allows for variable rate application of fertiliser. An application map or crop sensor can be used for VRA-fertilisation.

Bogballe says its weighing system is the perfect tool for this, as it measures in kilos and translates this into kg/ha. The company says the left and right section of the spreader can operate independently and apply different amounts of fertiliser.

Greater spreading precision

Thanks to new algorithms, Calibrator Totz offers a faster response and greater spreading precision in all corners of the field and when spreading a headland, claims the manufacturer. The monitor software includes new control algorithms for automatic quantity and section control.

The optional Section Control Dynamic allows for a very precise overlapping spread pattern, and also leads to more uniform crop growth in the corners of the field.

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The new Calibrator Totz can communicate with different GPS systems and sensors. - Photo: Bogballe
The new Calibrator Totz can communicate with different GPS systems and sensors. - Photo: Bogballe

Diagnose electronic functions of the spreader

Calibrator Totz incorporates an advanced monitoring system that can diagnose electronic functions of the spreader. The diagnosis is carried out continuously, both when switching on the Totz as during spreading. If the system detects an operating error, for example, the Totz informs the user directly via the display. Any error codes are stored in the memory of the computer.

Ready for season 2021

According to Bogballe, Calibrator Totz was thoroughly tested in practice during 9 months. At the same time, the monitor underwent intensive laboratory tests including vibration tests, cold and heat load tests.

The first spreaders equipped with Calibrator Totz are already produced and ready for delivery for season 2021. For customers who prefer Isobus solutions, Bogballe offers spreaders with similar functionality.

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