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CropX acquires supplier of irrigation tools Regen

Regen customers now have access to CropX’s in-soil data and farm management analytics and automation tools.

Global soil sensing and agricultural analytics company CropX has acquired New Zealand-based Regen, a provider of cloud-based, precision effluent and irrigation decision support tools. Current Regen customers now have access to CropX’s combination of in-soil data and advanced farm management analytics and automation tools.

Understanding soil health

“As the shakeout in the digital ag arena heats up, the importance of understanding soil health and what is happening beneath the ground is finally coming into the spotlight. This acquisition will help us further build out our on-farm irrigation, effluent and nutrient management product lineup as we lead the market in delivering accurate in-soil insights,” said CropX CEO Tomer Tzach.

Over 200,000 client recommendations

With the acquisition of Regen, CropX adds over 130,000 acres under management and more than a decade of in-depth New Zealand farm data to its farm management platform. Regen has delivered over 200,000 client recommendations annually based on its in-soil data and decision support platform.

“Now part of CropX, the Regen technology solutions, extensive regional sensor network and experience support team will help us deliver the most advanced in-soil data analytics, decision support tools and data-driven irrigation prescriptions to growers as a global in-soil IoT leader,” said Eitan Dan, CropX New Zealand General Manager. “The acquisition combined with our history and deep connections in New Zealand will help us actively cultivate our leadership position in this important region.”

Cut crop-input costs

Analysing soil data and integrating it with crop models, satellite imagery, and weather forecasts, the CropX farm management platform is to help farmers around the globe cut crop-input costs, increase profitability and ensure sustainability by driving water, fertiliser, energy and labor savings.

“Aiming to create world-class, technology-based decision support solutions for the agricultural sector, Regen has helped New Zealand farmers tackle the growing complexities of managing modern farm operations over the past decade,” added Regen CEO Bridgit Hawkins. “Farmers need financial and environmental sustainability. Joining CropX, our farmers will be able to get access to its transformational technology and extensive global data network to instantly assess what is happening in their paddocks so they can make sure their farm operations sustainably manage water, nutrients and leaching.”

Effective immediately, Hawkins and the Regen team will join CropX, adding regional on-farm and service model expertise, as well as advanced agronomy, effluent and irrigation management capabilities to support global efforts.

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