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Ellingson launches farm data and water management app

Minnesota-based Ellingson launches a new app that provides access to farm data and water management tools.

The Ellingson App combines public and proprietary farm data into one platform that growers, land managers, agronomists and drainage contractors can access on their smartphones, tablets or the web. The app can also be used to control and access data from pumps and other sensors offered by Ellingson.

Farm data and Farm Monitor

The platform will initially include two services users can take advantage of: Farm Data and Farm Monitor. The options are available as individual subscriptions or bundled together.

The Ellingson App’s Farm Data service provides access to data and ownership and tile maps that growers, agronomists, land managers and drainage contractors would otherwise have to access from a variety of different services. This is to help users make data-driven decisions without needing to spend the time using more than one service to access the information.

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Insights and control over Ellingson pumps and sensors

The Farm Monitor service provides real-time insights and control over Ellingson pumps and sensors within a field. Options include remote pump monitoring and control, critical alerts from sensors delivered straight to a mobile device, water level monitoring, and data analysis. The pump monitor app is available in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Correlating tile map with water level data

Growers can use these services to help improve their yield by taking a strategic approach to their fields, such as correlating the tile map with water level data to determine whether drainage is sufficient. This also helps prioritise fields that may need improvements to their water management systems, allowing growers to make smart and informed investments.

Ellingson plans to continue to add service options and other capabilities to the app.

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