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Developed in Switzerland by Aero 41, the 17 litre capacity AGv2 is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for work in vineyards and vertically growing, added-value crops. Application accuracy has been assessed by Syngenta, the University of Geisenheim (Germany) and Agroscope (Switzerland) and it is approved for use with organic produce.

Equipped with two pumps, it delivers a maximum flowrate of 5.8l/min and pressure up to 8.5 bar – with an option to fit a gauge. Its effective swath width is 2.5m between 3.5-3.5m above the canopy and, for work in vineyards, it comes with TeeJet TXA8001VK nozzles mounted below the rotors.

Control with an Android tablet is via Aero41’s own Mission Control System (MCS) and Mission Planification Software App. Aero41’s AerOS FCS ‘learns’ to maintain the AGv2 at the correct height over the crop during the mission. Once done, this is save and can be repeated infinitely and fully autonomously.


Manufacturer:Aero 41 Ltd (Switzerland)
Max payload capacity:20kg
No. rotors / effective swath width:6 / 2.5m
Pressure gauge:option
Max flight time (per charge):20min
Battery capacity in mAh:18,000 / two batteries
Standard charge time:40min / fast charge 25min
Recommended retail price:$34,000 (incl. 4 batteries)