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SteerCommand Z2 DualTrac can be engaged at 0 km/h and offers ultra-slow and accurate speed down to 0.08 km/h.

What is the most striking detail of your system?
Ultra-slow and accurate steering at speeds down to 0.08 km/h due to the Dual-Antenna system, and it can engage at 0 km/h. Full farm solution with user friendly interface and split screen on InCommand 1200. Split screen allows user to see ISOBUS UT screen and map screen at the same time, or cameras and map screen etc.

How is it fitted?
Usually dealer installed and calibrated. Can be fitted in 2-4 hours if done properly (cables routed correctly and out of sight). Hydraulic valve installs will take longer.

Can it be fitted on pre-installed or factory fitted vehicle components?
Yes, on newer tractors, steering is usually done via CANbus or similar so all factory fitted components are used. With other steer ready setups the system can directly connect to pre-installed valve and sensors.

Can you take the system to another vehicle?
Yes, you can easily transfer the InCommand display, the DualTrac GNSS receiver and the SteerCommand Z2.

What happens if satellite or correction signals lack or fail?
StableLoc technology transitions from RTK to EGNOS and back again. How long it lasts for is user defined depending on how much compromise in accuracy customers are willing to accept to keep moving. No subscription needed, free or otherwise.

What patterns are available?
Straight AB, Identical Curve, Pivot, SmartPath. , TurnPath, FollowPath (CartACE) and Boundary Guidance. Tramlines, Access Paths and Pattern Grouping are available within some guidance patterns.

How often and at what costs is the software updated?
Usually 2-3 updates per year for steering and displays. No charge for these. Displays connected to internet and AgFiniti will be able to update firmware in the same way your phone does. This will very easily provide you with the latest and greatest functions and features.

Which licenses/unlocks are available and at what costs?

  • AgFiniti
    A free AgFiniti license, www.agfiniti.com, will allow remote control of the display, data transfer between displays and cloud, and background satellite maps. An AgFiniti subscription (single license per farm) will allow usage of full connectivity tools between display, AgFiniti Cloud, AgFiniti Mobile App, and live data sharing when displays have DisplayCast unlock.
  • InCommand 800
    • ISOBUS including TC, AutoSwath Section Control, Multiple Product (3 products max), DisplayCast and TurnPath.
  • InCommand 1200
    • Multiple Product (8 products max), TurnPath and DisplayCast
  • GPS 7500
    • TerraStar-C Pro and RTK
Company name and nationalityAg Leader Technology, USA
Product nameSteerCommand Z2 DualTrac RTK (CAN or hydraulic)
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsMost makes and models: Agco, John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Kubota, Claas, Deutz-Fahr, etc.
Technical requirements for tractor/vehicleNeeds to have hydraulic steering. Then we can add a valve if needed or connect via Steer by Wire or Canbus
Which global satellite systems does it support as standard?GPS, EGNOS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU
What type of terminal(s) are available?InCommand 800G, InCommand 800 and InCommand 1200
Terminal size(s) (inch)8”, 12”
Type of display/screenRuggedized touchscreen with swipe gestures
Is it waterproof/water resistant?No
What application map and data formats does it support?Allows import of shapefiles and own proprietary file formats (AGDATA, AGSETUP). ISO-XML export options
Is your solution Isobus compatible?Yes
Can you engage autosteer with a button on the tractor arm rest/joystick?Yes
Is it capable of doing autoturns on headlands?Yes, with TurnPath
Can it control/operate sections of sprayers, seed drills, etc?Yes – with a variety of Ag Leader control modules from planter to sprayer, or yield monitoring on combines. Or via Isobus TC up to 8 products with 144 sections. (Kverneland Group, Sulky, Amazone etc…)
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds with autosteer engagedmin.       0.08        km/h     45           km/h
Main components autosteer systemDualTrac GNSS Receivers, SteerCommand Z2 Module (SCM) Display, Install Kit (vehicle specific)
Rough retail priceFull system starts around $17000 including vehicle kit, and RTK unlock.

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