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What is the most striking detail of your solution? Please provide a short description and if possible, a photo of your most striking detail.

Agres stands out for its universal compatibility. Our terminals and autosteer systems are multi-brand, adaptable to machinery from various manufacturers, irrespective of the brand or production year. This versatility makes our technology accessible to producers of all scales – small, medium, and large. We pride ourselves on delivering technology at competitive prices, making advanced farming accessible to a broader range of customers.

Briefly describe how and by whom is it fitted/installed. How much time does a typical installation take?

Agres offers two types of autosteer systems: hydraulic and electric. In Brazil, Agres products are available through authorised resellers who handle sales to end-users. Internationally, we are expanding directly in LATAM, and through our controller (Tecomec Group) in Europe and North America. Installation is performed by trained resellers. The hydraulic autosteer typically requires a full day for installation, while the electric autosteer is installed in about two to three hours.

Is it possible to use or build on pre-installed or factory fitted components on tractors/vehicles such as hydraulic components, wiring harnesses?

Yes, Agres’ systems are versatile enough to be factory-fitted. Moreover, our equipment is designed for easy installation on pre-equipped machines, such as those with an existing hydraulic block. In these cases, only a simple wiring harness installation is required to establish communication with our agroNave computers.

How easy is it to take the system from one tractor/vehicle to another? What are the requirements/pre-instalments for each tractor/vehicle? Please consider in your answer also how easy it is to demount the GNSS-receiver and terminal for theft prevention.

Our electric autosteer system is designed for transferability between tractors. The only component that might need adjustment is the steering wheel sleeve (spline adapter), which varies across tractor models. Conversely, the hydraulic autosteer, due to its integration with the tractor’s hydraulic block, is more intricate to remove and transfer.

Do you offer a STANDARD solution to temporarily continue using autosteer when reception of satellite or correction signals lacks or fails? How does it exactly work and for how long?

To counteract weak or failing satellite signals, Agres has developed a camera-based pilot system. The system employs mounted cameras, either centrally on the tractor’s roof or on the windshield, complemented by inertial sensors that ensure precise path correction. This camera-based guidance operates indefinitely and provides a reliable backup for satellite navigation.

What type of patterns are available? Such as straight, curved, circles, et cetera. Can you record internal field boundaries and mark obstacles?

agroNave supports a variety of patterns including straight, curved, circular, and parallel lines.

Which licenses/unlocks are available and at what costs (€/US$)?

agroNave comes with Isobus UT/VT unlocked as standard. Isobus TC is an additional license that covers all functionalities: TC-BAS, TC-SC, and TC-GEO. Costs are $12,000 (see below in table).

agroNave terminal 7”

agroNave terminal 12”

Company name and nationality (origin)Agres (Brazil)
Product nameagroNave (electrical and hydraulic)
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsMulti-brands such as Kuhn, John Deere, Valtra, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, LS, Landini, Jacto and others
Technical requirements for tractor/vehicle (steering, electronics, …)
Which global satellite systems does it support as STANDARD?GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS
What type of terminal(s) are available?
– Terminal size(s) (inch)
– Type of display/screen
– Is it waterproof/water resistant?

– 7” and 12”
– Touch screen
– IP67
What application map and data formats does it support?Shapefile and ISO-XML.
Is your solution Isobus compatible?Yes
Can you engage autosteering with a button on the tractor arm rest/joystick?Yes
Is it capable of doing autoturns on headlands?Yes
Can it control/operate sections of sprayers, seed drills, etc?Yes
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds with autosteer engagedmin: 1 km/h and max: 30 km/h
Main components autosteer systemMotor, steering wheel, anti-rotation kit, spline adapter and harness.
Rough retail price (in €/US$)$12,000

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