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The VTol Agrobee 200 has an outstanding payload volume compared to other agricultural drones. The model can fly for up to 1 hour and 20 minutes, and carry up to 200 kg of pesticides. High performance is possible due to the use of a small flex engine, which can be fuelled with ethanol, diesel or gasoline, which feeds a battery, allowing for longer flight time.

As a Vtol, the vehicle can take off and land vertically, and fly at low speeds, providing exceptional flexibility in agricultural operations. The company already has a ready-made model, the Agrobee 200, and is taking orders for this model. The company says the Agrobee 200 can cover 380 hectares per day.

The VTol Agrobee 200 can carry out all operations autonomously by pre-programming the flight plan before each mission. Tasks are performed after mapping an area. After that, the route is uploaded to Agrobee via wireless communication. The Agrobee drone has a spraying system recommended by cooperatives and partner rural producers. The system also GPS sensors, cameras and ultrasound to map the terrain and plan the flight route. Furthermore, the equipment has safety sensors that help it avoid obstacles and people. Agrobee is developing two other versions. Respectively, the Agrobee 100 and Agrobee 900 will have capacity for 100 and 900 litres of pesticides.


Manufacturer:Agrobee (Brazil)
Product:VTol Agrobee 200
Max payload capacity:200kg spraying tank
No. rotors / effective swath width:4/6.0 m
Maximum flow rate:20 litres per minute
Spray capacity380 hectares per day
Max flight time (per charge):1 hour 20 minutes (full payload)
BatterFlight speed (considered)60 km/h (Can vary from 0 to 80 km/h)
FuelBiodiesel (optional: ethanol)
Suitable cropsSugar cane, grains, coffee and others
Recommended retail price:US $300,000

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