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  • Manufacturer: Agro Intelligence (Denmark)
  • Robot: Robotti LR
  • Task(s): Generic tool carrier with standard 3-point hitch
  • Development start: 2021
  • Pricing: Sells at €150,000 (US $169,000)


Robotti LR is constructed as an autonomous implement carrier for automating tasks in agricultural and horticultural businesses such as seedbed preparation, seeding numerous different crops, weeding both inter and intra-row, and spraying. Robotti consists of two modules which are connected by a centre-boom with a traditional 3-point hitch. The hitch is in centre balance which distributes weight even on the four wheels and reduces the need of extra weight. Robotti LR has a much larger diesel tank (300 l) than Robotti 150D increasing the operating time up to 60 hours before refuelling. Robotti LR has one engine and no PTO.

Drive train type

The mechanical setup is a traditional diesel-hydraulic setup with a 72 hp Kubota engine and Bosch Rexroth hydraulics for high powertrain efficiency.


The robot can lift 1,250 kg and the standard working width between the modules is 3 meters and can be customised towards farmers’ needs.

Navigation system

Robotti navigates using RTK-gps. In the field it carefully operates according to a plan which the farmer makes using Agrointelli route planning software. The software calculates an optimised route for the field.

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name robotRobotti LR
DimensionsTrack width 1.55-3.50m/5.10-11.6feet
Turning radiusZero turn, 0.0m/0.0 feet
Weight  3,000 kg
Energy source  Diesel fuel, 300 L tank
Energy stock/range  Up to 60 hours
Driveline  Diesel-hydraulic
Output capacity  Unknown
Navigation systemRobotti navigates using RTK-gps.
Pricing  Sell €150,000 (US $169,000)
Availability (countries)Worldwide
Units operational (total end 2021)  0, ready for delivery in Spring 2022

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