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Robot: Robot Weeder ARW-912
Task(s): Weeding, the probe brings the weed to the boil
Development start: 2019
Pricing: €800,000 (US $842.960 according to the exchange rate of 01-11-2023)


The Andela Robot Weeder ARW-912 is a fully robotised weeding machine with 12 weeding units and a working width of 9 metres. Each unit has a camera that detects the weeds and controls the linked robot arm, which kills the weeds with a probe. The image recognition system with AI is able to detect and kill weeds from a very early stage. The machine is suitable for crops in row culture. The ARW-912 can be used 24/7 and has a log function (all images, including gps coordinates). Our method of weed destruction has the important side advantage that the soil remains undisturbed, which ensures no new seedbed is created.

The machines delivered in 2023 were used in onions, carrots and chicory; algorithms applicable for other crops will follow.

Drive train type

The machine runs on solar panels, is electrically powered and runs, RTK-gps controlled, on tracks.


3 hits/sec per weed unit x 12 rows

Navigation system

RTK-gps, radar


Name/type robotRobot Weeder ARW-912 (NL)
DimensionsLength 2,50 m, width 9 m, height 2,20 m, track width fixed from 2,25 m to 4 m (according to customer needs)
Turning radiusTrack width 3 m: turning radius 3 m, track width 2,25 m: turning radius 2,25 m
Weight2,800 kg
Energy sourceElectrical-batteries-solar
Energy stock/rangeIn weeding season: from 6 am till 11 pm, during night with small generator
Navigation systemRTK-gps
Output capacityMax 0,9 ha/hour (depends on number of weeds) (max 1 km/h)
Pricing€800,000 (US $842.960 according to the exchange rate of 01-11-2023)
Availability (countries)The Netherlands
Units operational (total end 2023)3

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