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Leveraging on 20 years of military autonomous technologies. The Blue White Robotics autonomous tractor kit provides an affordable solution to automate existing tractor fleets for growers of permanent crops.

What is the most striking according to the supplier?
The Blue White Robotics autonomous tractor kit is built leveraging 20 years of experience in autonomous technologies from Israeli air force. Combined with our autonomous farm platform, a combination of smart sensors and A,I lets the tractor safely and efficiently navigate while operating sprayers, mowers or harvesters. This tractor kit is only one piece of a holistic combined technology offering from Blue White Robotics for a fully autonomous farm.

How does the robot tractor with your system navigate and plan its work and paths?
Our platform calculates the whole mission plan, taking into consideration the entire fleet and mission characteristics. The tractor then executes the plan while updating in real-time. We control all the tractor’s parameters, vehicle speed, engine rpm, PTO speed, et cetera. It’s a geo-fenced operation.

How are implements operated and controlled by your system
The tractor system easily interfaces with sprayers, mowers, harvesters and discing implements, and can integrate with smart implement controllers (like AgOtter rate control and calibration devices).

What are the safety features?
The tractor system employs a variety of safety features including:

  • A LiDAR obstacle avoidance and anti-collision system
  • Computer vision obstacle detection
  • A pressure sensitive front bumper failsafe
  • Geo fence and speed control shutdown
  • A remote control kill switch
  • 4 cutoff switches both inside the cab and around the exterior of the chassis

What kind of work can your system do autonomously
Pesticide (blast) spraying, herbicide applications and mowing and soon also nuts sweeping and harvesting.

Can you switch off autonomous mode and continue as a manned tractor for difficult work/circumstances?
Yes, with a simple switch.

How many systems are currently in the field and where?
We have around 10 systems out in the field on John Deere, Kubota and New Holland tractors and we currently sell our system in the USA and in Israel.

What is the cost price per ha compared with a manned tractor?
Reduction of opex by up to 50%.


Company name and nationalityBlue White Robotics, Israel
Product nameAutonomous tractor kit
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsJohn Deere, New Holland, Kubota, Case etc.
Technical requirements for tractor/vehicleN/A
Is your solution Isobus compatible?Yes, but working without canbase
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds3.2 km/h-11.2 km/h
0.1 mph-7 mph
Main components autonomous retrofit kitCameras & LiDAR sensors, computing, mechanical actuation, navigation systems, dual communication, safety mechanisms
Operator or driver nearby requiredNo
Countries the product is for sale/rent in 2021USA, ISRAEL

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