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Developed in China, the 52 litre capacity D52L-8 is suitable for a variety of spraying scenarios. It can be used on high-stem crops, low-stem crops and trees. The drone has been successfully used in rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar cane, rubber trees and fruit trees.
It is equipped with a dual brushless DC pump and has a spray rate of 8-16 litre per minute.

The drone comes with high-pressure atomising nozzles and has a spray efficiency of 23 hectares per hour. The high-pressure nozzles can be switched on separately.
It has obstacle avoidance radar, a maximum flying speed of 10 metre per second and a maximum operating speed of 8 metre per second.

The D52L-8 offers an Intelligent Lithium Battery with self-heat dissipation. The drone is also equipped with a fertiliser spreader, and has an integrated smart remote control. It has a high resolution FPV camera and video transmission.


Manufacturer:Brouav (China)
Max payload capacity:52 L
No. rotors / effective swath width:8/8-10 m
Max flight time (per charge):25 min
Battery capacity in mAh:30000mAh/Lithium-polymer battery system
Standard charge time:20-30 min (Charge from 30% to 95%)
Recommended retail price:$14,999

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