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The U50 Max is a modular drone. It has a high waterproof rating of P67, which prevents pesticides from entering the flight control system and provides more safety for long-term operation. The boom folds down, which makes the drone easy to transport. It supports spraying, seeding and spreading. One tank can spray 3 hectares.

The U50 Max has built-in GPS and a compass module, with fixed-height and fixed-point flight function. The drone can maintain the spray height and the spray route accuracy of the operation with ease. The operator can set the height limit and flight speed limit of the spraying operation. A high-pressure spraying system offers a good atomisation effect. Under the wind pressure of the aircraft, the drug mist helps with a strong penetration.

The U50 Max has a high-pressure brushless water pump. High-grade quality aviation aluminium is used for the folding part. The drone also has an alternating spraying function. Spray heads can be switched independently.


Manufacturer:Qingdao Zhongfei Intelligent Technology Co (China)
Product:U50 Max
Max payload capacity:40 kgs for spraying and 45kgs (70 litres) for spreading
No. rotors / effective swath width:4/8 metre
Maximum flow rate:8 litres per minute
Droplet size:80-250μm
Max flight time (per charge):8-11 minutes (fully loaded)
Battery capacity in mAh:30,000 mAh
Standard charge time:15min/45min (Generator fast charge/Home slow charge)
Recommended retail price:US $12,500 (FOB Qingdao)

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