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  • Manufacturer: Burro (U.S.)
  • Robot: Burro
  • Task(s): Autonomous ferrying of hand-picked harvest, crop scouting, towing/moving items, etc.
  • Development start: 2017
  • Pricing: base model $17.000 USD


A small autonomous platform robot that uses computer vision (on-board cameras) and AI plus high-precision GPS to navigate in outdoor and indoor/greenhouse unstructured environments. Burros can be viewed and controlled centrally online, but do not require an internet connection to work. Burros use 12-18 on-board cameras to navigate, sense and categorize obstacles, running under canopies and in indoor areas where GPS is not available. Set-up is very rapid. Functionality continues to expand. Recently-delivered functionality includes multi-Burro navigation through a congested central packing operation, row-to-row navigation with crop scouting, and route sharing across multiple Burros. New attachments and accessories are being developed in-house and through partnerships to enable robotic fruit harvesting, mowing, crop treatment, security and more.

Drive train type

4 individually-driven (electric) wheels   


Platform with four wheels and autonomous onboard operation system. Safety features include emergency stop mechanisms and power cut-off switches, LED lights (also for low-light or night use) and audible notifications.

Navigation system

Computer vision and AI plus high-precision GPS. Workers can train Burros on established routes that can be shared between all robots in an area where cell-phone coverage is available. 

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name/ type robotBurro
DimensionsLength: 54 inches Width: 27-36.25 in Height: 25 in
Turning radius0” (360° skid steering)
Weight  175 kg
Energy source  Batteries (various types available, including SLA and LFP)
Energy stock/range  5 to 15 miles of run-time per charge depending on the battery and payload. On-board charger included. Extended range can be achieved using a generator placed on board.
Driveline  Direct drive with 4 individually-driven wheels
Output capacity  5 hp, payload 500 lb, towing capacity of 2000 lbs on flat clear terrain, processes 2+TB of data/hr, top speed of 4.5 MPH
Navigation system Computer vision and AI plus high-precision GPS
Pricing  First year of software updates and support included in purchase; ongoing software updates and support is $2.199,00 USD per Burro per year.
Availability (countries)U.S., with expansion planned
Units operational (total end 2021)  100

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