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Manufacturer: Carbon Robotics
Implement: LaserWeeder
Weeding tools: 30 CO2 lasers
Pricing: €140 to €465 per hectare

The roots of the Carbon Robotics LaserWeeder implement lay in their autonomous LaserWeeder. The implement deploys 30 150 Watt CO2 10.6 μm lasers with tracking cameras assisted by 9 led bedtop lighting bars and 12 hi-res predict cameras. The LaserWeeder has a 6.1 m (20 feet) working width while the wheel tracks are adjustable for 60-84 inch rows. It can target almost any weed unless the weed is completely covered by dirt or plants. The implement has been very effective in targeting and eliminating weeds very close to the crops, much closer than any previous method. This prevents damage to the crop and its root system. Each of the 30 lasers outputs 150 Watt, consuming roughly 750 Watt each, while the entire implement consumes about 40 kW.

The LaserWeeder can handle weeds up to 5 cm (2 inch) in diameter, depending on the species. The size of the weed will dictate how long the laser is applying thermal energy to the weed. The larger the weed, the longer the laser will target it. The patented lighting system, creating light that is 4 times brighter than the sun, enables the LaserWeeder to operate day and night.


Manufacturer:Carbon Robotics (US)
Weeding tools:30 CO2 lasers
Working width:6.1 m
Capacity (max driving speed):0.81 ha/h (1.6 km/h)
Weeds … close to plants:Millimetres
Energy source:PTO or proprietary diesel engine
Energy consumption:Up to 40 kW
Suitable for (crops):Over 50, add new within 24 to 48 hours
Suitable for (row/bed widths):1.50 – 2.10 m beds
Suitable for (weeds):Any
Weed sizes it detects:Up to 5 cm
Cameras capture weeding result:Yes, performance reports
Cameras capture crop status:Yes
Usable day and night:Yes
Pricing:€140 to €465 per hectare
Availability:US, Canada

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