Aliaxis and CropX partner in data-driven precision irrigation

03-05-2022 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Aliaxis, a Belgian company specialised in advanced water and energy systems, has signed an investment agreement and will be partnering with Israeli company CropX, which focuses on data-driven farming solutions. Through the partnership, Aliaxis and CropX will collaborate in the field of data-driven precision irrigation.

According to Tomer Tzach, CropX CEO, the fundamentals that prompted this collaboration are Aliaxis’ deep commitment to creating sustainable systems for water and CropX’s advanced precision agriculture tools.

Save water and boost yields

CropX technologies combine data from in-ground soil sensors, satellite data, weather, and agronomy models to offer insights and advice for farmers and agribusinesses on an easy-to-use app. “CropX can help growers save 10-20% in irrigation water and boost yields. With CropX’s 2021 acquisition of Dacom, the Netherlands-based agri-technology company, the capabilities and offerings are expanding. Partnering with Aliaxis will allow CropX to continue refining its expertise and expanding its impacts, improving farm productivity while conserving precious water and nutrient resources. This is the future of sustainable farming,” Tzach said.

Focus on data-driven precision irrigation

Now that the agreement between Aliaxis and CropX has been signed, the companies will engage in further discussions on how to work together and how to create extra value for all customers. According to Tomer Tzach it is too early to talk about specific solutions, markets or prices, “but it is clear that the focus will be on collaboration in the field of data-driven precision irrigation.”

Eric Olsen, CEO of Aliaxis said: “Among the focus areas of Aliaxis Next, our recently created division, is ‘Water for Food’. With this division, we focus on growth beyond our core business and want to create a next generation of solutions with real societal impact. Partnering with CropX is fully in line with this ambition, as their approach allows farmers to monitor both below and above ground crop data, and to significantly increase crop efficiency.”

Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX said: “We are very happy to be teaming up with Aliaxis. It is very exciting for us to get the support of a global leader that offers water and irrigation systems to customers in different parts of the world. It will support our expansion and the further development of our business. I am confident that the advanced digital intelligence we offer will also be beneficial to Aliaxis’ agricultural customers.”

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