VIDEO: Potato harvester for unridden cultivation beds

30-12-2021 | |

Farm of the Future adapted a two-row AVR Spirit 5200 potato harvester so that it is suitable for the fixed tramline system with unridden cultivation beds.

At Farm of the Future crops are grown using fixed tramlines to drive on, and unridden beds that are never driven on. During harvest that is still quite hard. The harvester is adapted in a way that it can drive on the tramlines and keep the cultivation bed untouched.

In this video Bram Veldhuisen, researcher precision agriculture and robotics WUR Open Crops, explains how the harvester works.

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The harvester came into action during a field robot day in Lelystad (the Netherlands) that was organized by NPPL and Farm of the Future. NPPL is a Dutch organization that helps and supports farmers to apply precision techniques on their farms.

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Tamar Haarmans Web editor
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