Krone GPS auto feature makes bale handling easier

19-05-2022 | |
Photo: Krone
Photo: Krone

The new GPS auto feature on the Krone BaleCollect bale accumulator makes bale handling easier and more convenient, by allowing bales to be deposited automatically at right angles along pre-set virtual lines.

Square bales are often scattered throughout the field. Krone already offers the BaleCollect bale collection wagon. With it, the driver can pick up a number of bales, which are discharged simultaneously. With the GPS-controlled bale depositing system, the bales are automatically placed at right angles to up to five pre-set A-B lines.

An additional advantage of this working method is that it relieves the driver. Until now, he had to manually activate the bale depositing moment. However, this does not guarantee that the bales are lined up precisely. Think of curved or hilly areas.

Working more efficiently with lower costs

Thanks to the GPS-controlled automatic unloading, the bale handling process is done more efficient and it saves costs, reports the manufacturer. After all, the machine works fewer hours and therefore consumes less diesel. It also saves working time. In addition, according to Krone, the number of ruts in the field is also reduced. This results in less soil compaction.

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