Netafim to launch sustainable irrigation solutions at EIMA

18-10-2021 | |
Photo: Netafim
Photo: Netafim

The Netafim booth at EIMA will introduce a range of new products and solutions, including: Sophia PSS, Streamline X ReGen, Netbow, and AlphaDisc. The company will also share details of planned activity following the acquisition of Dutch greenhouse provider Gakon.

Following Netafim’s acquisition of Dutch turnkey greenhouse projects provider Gakon in March, the EIMA event will be the first time Gakon-Netafim will be publicly showcasing its joint offerings and expertise. On the first day of the event, Gakon-Netafim will conduct a presentation titled “A Winning Solution for the Greenhouse Market,” covering the integration of Netafim and Gakon’s experience in precision agriculture and greenhouse innovation.

“Given our purpose of growing more with less and our mission to help farmers worldwide produce better, higher yielding crops, we are especially thrilled to enhance our in-house greenhouse offering and capabilities with the inclusion of Gakon,” said Gaby Miodownik, CEO and President of Netafim.

Netafim will also be launching a range of new products including:

Streamline X ReGen

Streamline X ReGen is the first dripline to be introduced in Europe using the highest quality of recycled material. According to Netafim, Streamline X ReGen is unique as it maintains the same high level of product performance, having developed a method to leverage recycled materials without compromising product quality and performance.


A container irrigation multi-outlet dripper arc, NetBow is designed to streamline operations across container farming applications. It was developed to address the needs of high-value soilless pot-irrigated crops such as blueberries and Medical Cannabis that require unique irrigation and fertigation know-how. Netafim states NetBow is particularly well suited for use in high-value, large-scale operations where the micromanagement of the root zone is pivotal to maximizing yields thereby ensuring crops reach their full growth potential, enabling substantial labor saving and guaranteeing better ROI.


Spray Overcanopy PHytosanitary Innovative Application, also known as SOPHIA (PSS), is an integrated system for fixed point treatments and frost protection in orchards. This system is based on the technological innovation of Netafim Pulsar, which allows efficient use of water for frost mitigation owing to the pulsating principle and is to ensure a quick and precise application of the treatments.


AlphaDisc is to offer exceptional irrigation system protection through a combination of precise depth filtration, a high dirt-holding capacity, and a modular design that adapts to changing flow rates and varying water quality conditions. In addition, AlphaDisc also provides performance data through a smart controller. With AlphaDisc, Netafim says growers can irrigate crops more uniformly, leading to better productivity and lower cost thanks to its ability to protect irrigation systems against clogging caused by organic contaminants.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming