Sencrop raises $ 18 million to accelerate agro-weather solutions

10-05-2022 | |
Photo: Sencrop
Photo: Sencrop

Sencrop, a European agro-tech player in precision farming through its collaborative agro-weather solutions based on microclimate, announced an $ 18 million Series B funding round led by international venture capital fund JVP.

Sencrop provides growers with precise and ultra-local information for better daily monitoring of their crops and management of cultivation risks on their fields. The company’s microclimate technology is used daily by more than 20,000 farmers in more than 20 countries.

Real-time and predictive information

Sencrop’s sensors and platform enable these growers to receive real-time and predictive information for their plots: microclimatic information, water stress, plant growth stages, conditions for the development of diseases or pests, and much more. Informed by thousands of data points, farmers can optimise the use of inputs, for example by only spraying when weather conditions are good or only watering when needed.

In addition, the app allows farmers to identify risks to their crops from weather, water stress, pests and diseases, including frost periods and the risk of mildew, and act accordingly.

Share information

Through networking, farmers can share the information collected on their plots and help each other find solutions. Sencrop’s activity is based on three pillars: weather monitoring; risk anticipation of diseases and pests; irrigation management.

The investment round is to accelerate Sencrop’s international expansion into North America, and consolidate its trajectory to become a global leader in AgTech.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming
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