Video: How does a fixed bed plough work?

26-11-2021 | |

Steverink Technique’s fixed bed plough still requires some precision adjustment to achieve an optimal result on all types of soil.

The plough was demonstrated during the field robot day held in Lelystad (the Netherlands) in October. This day was an initiative of NPPL and Farm of the Future. NPPL is the Dutch Fieldlab for Precision Farming, where researchers from Wageningen University and farmers work together on new techniques.

The plough is specifically designed for a system where the three-meter track width stays in the same place for years. With fixed bed cultivation the ground is never touched by wheels which has large benefits on the soil health.

The fixed bed plough was developed by Wim Steverink. In this video he explains how the plough works and why it still needs some adjustments.

Tamar Haarmans Web editor
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