Viridix launches AI-based autonomous irrigation solution

04-05-2022 | |
Photo: Still from Viridix video
Photo: Still from Viridix video

Viridix’s Gen3 new system connects with remote monitoring and irrigation control solutions, creating a autonomous irrigation solution.

Viridix’s Gen3 Auto-Pilot systems comprises of Viridix’s RooTense, a water potential sensor that mimics the plant roots and provides real time data, alongside the company’s AI-based software that aggregates the RooTense data with external data from other sources and analyzes it all to provide operational insights, enabling the system to make and act on autonomous decisions.

Optimised precision irrigation

Viridix Gen3 Auto-Pilot now connects – in addition to the RooTense sensors – to water pressure sensors, air humidity and temperature sensors, and remote watering controllers. The platform is to provide “unparalleled effectiveness through a holistic autonomous solution for optimised precision irrigation”, according to Viridix.

Customers can now monitor the root’s activity and implement a smart irrigation protocol across their farms in real time, field by field, adjusting irrigation levels according to live conditions. The system uses artificial intelligence to recommend the exact adjustments required to dose the optimum irrigation for individual crops.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming
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