Bayer DriftRadar automatically prevents spray drift

24-02-2022 | |
Photo: Bayer
Photo: Bayer

Bayer’s integrated drift management system “DriftRadar” automatically prevents spray drift to buffer zones and zones where no crop protection agent is allowed.

DriftRadar is a concept from Bayer that is based on digital recording of buffer zones and distance rules that may have to be observed according to crop protection product labels. A GPS sensor on the sprayer determines the position in the field during spraying and a wind sensor determines the wind direction every tenth of a second.

Nozzles automatically controlled

These two parameters provide information to the sprayer after which, during the spraying process, nozzles can be automatically changed to a drift-reducing nozzle or completely closed off to ensure the required distance to a buffer zone or surface water, for example. In this way, the system prevents crop protection agents from entering the water. The system also documents the activities, including weather information. With DriftRadar, the manufacturer aims to bring automatic field-specific drift control within reach.

Van Erkelens
Jacco Van Erkelens Machinery writer