Belgian group Verschueren to import Zasso machines

Group Verschueren will import the electric weed control machines from Zasso. – Photo: Bert Jansen
Group Verschueren will import the electric weed control machines from Zasso. – Photo: Bert Jansen

The Belgian Group Verschueren, known for their mowing solutions among other things, is entering into a strategic partnership with the Swiss company Zasso. Verschueren will acquire the import rights for Zasso in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands en Luxembourg).

Zasso is a Swiss company specializing in chemical-free weed control. The company has a patented system that combats weeds electrically. From now on, Zasso’s products will be marketed through the channels of Group Verschueren. The Belgian company will become an authorized distributor of XPower machines. The aim of this collaboration is to scale up the sales of electric weed control machines in the Benelux, including Luxembourg. Aftersales and maintenance will also be handled by Group Verschueren.

The agreement specifically focuses on the distribution of the XPower XPU, designed for electric weed control in green spaces, industrial areas, wide lanes, parks, sports fields, and parking lots, as well as the XPower XPS, designed for vineyards and orchards, and future XPower solutions to be launched by Zasso. This partnership builds on the existing distribution of the XPower XPA, which uses a custom-made hydraulic arm exclusively developed by Group Verschueren for Zasso to reach hard-to-access weed areas.

Zasso machines

The Zasso machine travels over the land at 1.5 kilometers per hour and sends 4,000 to 8,000 volts through the plants. The current flows from the leaf to the roots via the path of least resistance: the fluid in the plant. The plants heat up due to the current, causing the proteins present to coagulate. This is an irreversible process. The plant’s fluids turn into gas and expand, causing the plant’s cell walls to break. The damaged cell walls allow the fluid to escape, leading to the plant drying out.

Van Erkelens
Jacco Van Erkelens Machinery writer