Demonstration showcases the skills of new in-row weeders

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Steketee IC-Weeder. -Photo: Roel Dijkstra
Steketee IC-Weeder. - Photo: Roel Dijkstra

A recent demonstration in The Netherlands showcased the capabilities of five smart in-row weeders. These innovative machines focus on removing weeds within the crop rows rather than between them, presenting a significant challenge in achieving chemical-free mechanical weed control. This with special attention for a new comer; the Optyma form Italian Oliver

The event, organized by Deltaplan Agrarisch Waterbeheer, featured prominent in-row weeders such as the Steketee IC-Weeder, Garford Robocrop, Ferrari Remoweed, KULT Kress iSelect, and Oliver Optyma. Of particular interest was the debut of Oliver’s in-row weeder, Optyma.

Italian powered with air pressure

The Optyma smart weeder operates on a fixed frame supported by four wheels and incorporates a hydraulic side-shifter. This design allows for efficient and precise weed removal. The weeding tools or hoes, effectively work the soil on the lateral sides of the plant. What sets the Optyma apart is its independent working height regulation, ensuring optimal performance in various field conditions.

To maintain the effectiveness of the weeding elements, the Optyma is equipped with a compressor featuring a blower for cleaning purposes. The blower includes a pressure regulator that allows for the adjustment of blade push, enhancing the weeder’s adaptability to different weed densities and soil types.

The Optyma employs special optical fiber sensors which scan the crop rows and transmit data to a control unit. This control unit accurately detects the presence of weeds within the row. Subsequently, it commands the pneumatic system responsible for managing the opening and closure of the weeding blades during the weeding process.

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These weeding elements of the Optyma work on a minimal inter-row distance of 30 cm.
These weeding elements of the Optyma work on a minimal inter-row distance of 30 cm.

Judge for yourself what smartweeders can do

Apart of the new Optyma visitors were also captivated by the weeders from Ferrari and KULT Kress. To see the machines in operation and evaluate the quality of their weed removal firsthand, we invite you to watch the demonstration video available at [here]. This footage allows you to assess the performance and effectiveness of the in-row weeders showcased.

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Geert Hekkert Chief editor of Future Farming
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