Ecorobotix Introduces Ultra-High Precision Sprayer to North American Market

05-06-2023 | |
The Ecorobotix Ara has a working width of 6 m divided in 3 units of 3 m each.  - Photo: Misset
The Ecorobotix Ara has a working width of 6 m divided in 3 units of 3 m each. - Photo: Misset

Ecorobotix, the Swiss agtech company, has made a significant move by launching its revolutionary sprayer, ARA, in North America. The highly anticipated expansion arrives first in Canada, where Ecorobotix has acquired its initial clients who are embracing this new farming technology.

The Ecorobotix Ara is kind of a high precision spot sprayer. It has a working width of 6 m divided in 3 units of 3 m each. Across that working width, 156 spray nozzles are fitted. These provide a ‘resolution’ of 6 by 6 cm for weed elimination. With this, you can choose to use selective herbicide such as Starane in Onions to target both the weeds between and in the rows. See for more technical and price information our smart weeders buying guide.

The company has successfully sold two ARA machines directly to Delfland and Ferme Hotte & Van Winden, two renowned vegetable growers in Canada. These farms play a vital role in the supply chains of major US cities such as New York and Boston. After only a short training period, the ARA sprayers have already made a profound impact in the fields. Martin Van Winden from Ferme Hotte & Van Winden; “The size of ARA is perfect for our vegetable operations. We simply went to the fields, filled the tanks, and started spraying. The speed and precision of this machine are amazing. Spraying at a precise rate of 2.4×2.4 inches at a speed of 4.7 miles per hour is truly impressive. I’m already recommending other farmers in the region to invest in their own ARA.”

Recover the investment within one to two cropping seasons

Guillaume Cloutier, one of the owners of Delfland, saying, “We are equally thrilled to utilize ARA. Our initial focus will be on implementing it in our onion and lettuce fields, followed by carrots and other crops that we grow. We are impressed with the machine’s simplicity, speed, and the ability of its cameras to detect even the smallest weeds.”

Both companies have plans to use ARA for the application of various phytosanitary products such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Cloutier highlighted that the significant reduction in product usage will enable them to recover the investment in the ARA within one to two cropping seasons. The benefits extend beyond 70-95% savings on phytosanitary products, with increased crop yields resulting from reduced phytotoxicity and, most notably, a significant reduction in manual labor.

Simon Aspinall, CEO of Ecorobotix, emphasized that the arrival of the first ARA machines in North America marks an milestone for the company. The geographic expansion aligns with Ecorobotix’s recent successful funding round of $ 52 million, a portion of which is allocated to expanding the company’s global presence, starting with the Americas.

Geert Hekkert Chief editor of Future Farming