Light treatment protects crops from pests and pathogens

30-06-2022 | |
Photo: Still from video
Photo: Still from video

American startup IntraLight has completed development of its light treatment technology that automatically protects crops from pests and pathogens with daily light treatments.

Using a proprietary spectrum IntraLights severely damage pest and pathogen DNA, destroying their ability to grow and reproduce. This new crop protection technology is to replace chemical pesticides, removing material and labor expenses while allowing growers to capture the increased value of organic produce.

IntraLight has opened pre-orders for their first offering, their #5 ring light, capable of treating 64 ft3 above each unit.

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Growing demand for organic produce

According to IntraLight, demand for organic produce is growing every year. “As organic food purchases in the US pass $60 billion growers will need solutions to convert to organic production easily and effectively,” the company states.

The company claims its crop protection system maintains the efficacy of chemical pesticides at a lower cost, while allowing growers to market organic and residue-free produce.

“We plan to change the economic viability of organic production. This can have long-lasting impacts on agriculture. With the cost of organic production dropping, growers can reduce their prices while maintaining profit margins,” IntraLight’s CEO Simon Kepchar said. “This will give growers a leg up on the competition in organic food prices and will push prices closer to the non-organic alternative. This will allow more people access to organic food and force non-organic producers to lower-cost strategies, pushing produce into food deserts.”

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