RootWave and Garford join forces to develop eWeeding technology

Rear mount electric weeder. – Photos: Rootwave/Garford
Rear mount electric weeder. – Photos: Rootwave/Garford

The UK manufacturer of technologically advanced mechanical weed control products, Garford Farm Machinery, and Warwickshire based electrical weed control manufacturer RootWave, have announced a new agreement that will bring next generation weeding technology to UK and international markets.

The new agreement will see the two manufacturers co-develop new weeding technology and products, integrating electrical weeding into precision guided toolbar systems, for high-value and high-intensive crops as well as broadacre arable applications.

The RootWave system uses electricity to boil weeds and their roots. This makes electrical weeding highly effective and, because it is non-chemical and does not disturb the soil, it is compatible with both organic and regenerative farming systems. RootWave’s patented high-frequency alternating-current is orders of magnitude safer than direct-current, typically used in electrical weed control.

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Front mount electric weeder.
Front mount electric weeder.

Robocrop Guidance System

With over 20 years of hoeing experience, and having brought many innovations to market, from the Robocrop Vision Guidance System to the compact hydraulic side shift mechanism, Garford is recognised as the industry leader in precision mechanical weed control. The Robocrop Guidance System allows for hoeing for both in row and inter-row weed management and prevention control. The system uses video cameras and image analysis computers to locate crop position and then guides the hoes.

Garford has calculated that by using the eWeeding technology, across a variety of different systems, estimated costs would come in between £55 to £120 per hectare, significantly lower than chemical herbicide costs.*

* based on operating for 20 hours a day. Includes depreciation, interest, 5-year ownership, fuel and wearing parts. Does not include cost of tractor or operator labour.

Ed Asscheman Online editor Future Farming