VIDEO: Experimenting with mounted sprayer Ecorobotix Ara

Ara, the mounted sprayer, is able to drastically reduce chemical products use with precise spraying

The EcoRobotix Ara has been used on a trial basis at the farm of NPPL participants Gert and Nanne Sterenborg in Dutch Onstwedde. With this implement, they can combat volunteer potatoes spot by spot. Sterenborg conducted the trial in a field with beets and onions.

Volunteer potatoes emerge from potato tubers that were left in the field in the previous growing season. The volunteer potatoes make up for serious weed that farmers struggle to control.

ARA mounted sprayer

ARA uses AI, its vision and computer systems to detect and selectively spray weeds in plane fields and row crops. With precise detection and spraying the volume of herbicide use reduces up to 95%. In addition to weeding operations, ARA can also be used to selectively spray the crop with insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers.

In this video the Ecorobotix Ara is explained and shown at work.

Tamar Haarmans Web editor