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Robot: Tipard 1800
Task(s): Multi-carrier platform for activities such as seeding, fertilising, weed and pest control and harvesting
Development start: 2022
Pricing: Price starts at €139,500 (US $146,991 according to the exchange rate of 01-11-2023)


Tipard 1800 is an autonomous multi-carrier platform for the automation of entire process chains, partially in arable farming and fully in special crop cultivation. Such as seeding, fertilising, weed and pest control as well as harvesting. Its focus is on performance and impact as well as multifunctional use. Five implement spaces on the Tipard 1800 offer maximum flexibility. All the work that can be carried out with the multicarrier is generally dependent on the conventional and new types of implements that can be mounted on the Tipard in longitudinal or transverse drive.

Drive train type

Pure electric as well as diesel-electric. The main frame has seven modular sub-frame spaces that can be equipped with various diesel engines up to 40 kW of power, auxiliary fuel tanks, battery modules with up to 56 kWh battery capacity, a three-point hitch or various sensor units.

Depending on the configuration, the Tipard 1800 can be operated purely electrically or as a hybrid vehicle with a diesel generator. As standard, an 18.5 kW diesel engine with generator and hydraulic pump is installed in combination with a lithium iron phosphate battery module. A single battery module has a capacity of 14kWh and can be combined with other battery modules.


Hydraulic three-point hitches are integrated for both directions of drive, enabling lifting of attachments up to 800 kg. In order to be able to drive the attachment ideally in the centre of steering and centre of gravity in both driving scenarios, the main frame can be shifted asymmetrically in one direction.

When driving transversely, the asymmetric frame arrangement is also an advantage and, with the two telescopic axles, can be regarded as a small gantry tractor system.

Implements with a working width of 3 metres can be driven centrally of the wheelbase. The track width of 3.5 m / 3.6 m in transverse drive allows to work in crops with row spacing of 45 cm and 50 cm but also to follow the controlled traffic farming method in special crops.

In longitudinal travel, track widths of 1.5 m to 2.7 m are possible with the telescopic axles that can be extended in both directions, which means that work can be carried out in longitudinal travel in all common area, row and bed crops.

Navigation system

Tipard 350 primarily navigates with two RTK-GNSS receivers in combination with an IMU. Additionally a camera-based row detection system can be added for precisely steering in row crops. The mission planning could be done with different GIS software provided that it is possible to export Shape files. Obstacles could be detected with optional bumper and radar sensors in full autonomous operation.


Name/type robotTipard 1800
DimensionsLength 4,25 m, width 1,75 m, height 1,85 m. Hydraulic telescopic axles can approach track widths from 1.5 to 2.7 metres
Turning radius3.5 metres
Weight1.800 kg
Energy sourceDiesel generator
Energy stock/range24 hours continuous operation
DrivelineDiesel-electric power train
Navigation systemDual RTK GNSS receiver and an IMU
Output capacityDependent on implement size and working speed
PricingPrice starts at €139,500 (US $146,991 according to the exchange rate of 01-11-2023)
Availability (countries)Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Units operational (total end 2023)1

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