Chinese giant UAV maker, DJI’s Agras T16, six-rotor drone is proving popular with applicators across the world. Equipped with a quick-change, 16 litre capacity tank it offers workrates of up to 16ha/hr.

Spray rates of up to 4.8 litres/min can be applied via four pumps. Eight TeeJet XR11001VS nozzles are fitted as standard (option XR110015VS). Fitted in pairs and mounted on arms underneath the rotors, they offer effective swath widths from 4m up to 6.5m, at 1.5m to 3m above the crop. A flowmeter automatically controls the output. It comes with DBF imaging radar as wide-angle FPV camera and RTK positioning and can be equipped with granule spreader.

Control is via the DJI Agras App in the remote controller. Compatible with DJI Terra software, this is used to plan and execute applications. It includes AI recognition with a Fruit tree mode and ability to import shape files.


Manufacturer:DJI Agriculture (China)
Product:DJI Agras T16
Max payload capacity:16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width:4-6.5m
Pressure gauge:no
Max flight time (per charge):18min
Battery capacity in mAh:17,500 / 1 battery
Standard charge time:20min
Typical retail price:$21,500