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The AGRAS T40 is equipped with the Coaxial Twin Rotor design, enabling it to carry a spray load of 40 kgs and a spread load of 50 kgs (70 L). The drone is built in with a dual atomized spraying system, DJI Terra, active phased array Radar and Binocular Vision. It supports multiple missions from surveying, mapping, to spraying and spreading.

The T40 delivers several design improvements over previous generations of DJI-drones. The dual atomisation system of the AGRAS T40 ensures even spraying. It has a three-minute disassembly, as well as better durability and corrosion resistance. The drone further supports real-time weight monitoring sensors to optimise spreading and provide accurate refill alerts.

The T40 is equipped with an ultra-high-definition camera and the drone can collect farmland and orchard images in real time, build maps locally, and identify plot boundaries and obstacles automatically for intelligent route planning and efficient spraying and spreading.


Manufacturer:DJI Agriculture (China)
Product:AGRAS T25
Max payload capacity:20kg spraying/25kg spreading
No. rotors / effective swath width:4/7 metres (23ft)
Spray capacity:12 hectares per hour (field operations), 1,000 kg of granules per hour (spreading operations)
Spreading capacity:
Droplet size:
Max flow rate:Two nozzles 16L per minute – Four nozzles 24L per minute
Max flight time (per charge):Depends on payload
Battery capacity in mAh:15500 mAh per battery
Standard charge time:The DB800 Intelligent Flight Battery supports charging in 9 minutes.
Typical retail price:US $11,000

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