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French manufacturer Drone Volt has recently introduced an autonomous spraying package for fitting to its Hercules 20, eight-rotor drone. This comprises a 12 litre capacity tank and foldable 3m wide spray boom, which is integrated onto the existing drone’s chassis.

Spray application is by four rotary atomising nozzles that, it says, produce droplets that are 95-100% identical in size. This helps optimise the uniformity of coverage and distribution and claims to save 30% to 50% in chemicals as well as cut water rates by 90%, compared with standard hydraulic nozzles.

The spray pack, which has its own battery, is linked to the Pixhawk controller by Bluetooth, via a Drone Volt Pilot App on a smart phone and the existing controller provides a range of flight modes. Drone Volt also offers its own training for new operators.


Manufacturer: Drone Volt (France)
Product: Hercules 20
Max capacity: 16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 3m
Pressure gauge: n/a
Max flight time (per charge): 40min
Battery capacity in mAh: 22,000
Standard charge time: n/a
Typical retail price: n/a