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The V16-6 is designed and built in the Netherlands by Drone4Agro Ltd, which has a six years’ experience in developing large drones, customised to clients’ specific applications. For spraying it has dual diaphragm pumps and eight TeeJet AIXR110015 nozzles (or other options), which are mounted under the propellers at the front. It can apply rates of 5-20 litre/ha at a workrate of 1.5min/ha – or up to 30 ha/hr. Flowrates are adjustable by the operator. A 6m wide body delivers an effective swath width of 15m – as visualized by fluid dynamics software.

Flights are pre-programmed on a laptop-based system with an open source flight controller tailored to work with the UAV and ground station system. This provides flight path planning, data collection and extra safety features that employ a range of sensors, along with double or triple redundant in propulsion and control systems. The UAV returns to the refilling site automatically.


Manufacturer: Drone4Agro (The Netherlands)
Product: V16-6
Max payload capacity: 50 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width:16m /18m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): 10 to 30min
Battery capacity in mAh:40,000 /2 batteries, up to 4
Standard charge time: 20 min / fast charge: yes
Recommended retail price: $29,000.00-$35,000.00