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Productname: EA-30X
Task(s): Automatic spraying
Pricing: US $14,000- US $22,000

The EA-30X is an all-terrain drone for automatic spraying, suitable for complex terrains and crops. The drone is currently used in mountains and fruit tree crops, without 3D mapping. The drone has a binocular vision system and can automatically avoid obstacles during operation.

The EA-30X is designed and manufactured by EAVision and is capable of fully automated flights. It has two 10-100 μm (micrometre) adjustable mist nozzles, mounted on the boom, that deliver good penetration.

The drone is equipped with a flow adjustment system, which farmers can be controlled via an app (iOS or Android). A 35kg spreader can be installed on the drone, suitable for solid particles. It has an autonomous and manual flight mode.

The intelligent drone sprayer – that is capable of ultra-low terrain following – reaches a L4 level of drone autonomy. It can be used for many crops, including rice, cotton, maize, wheat, grapes, cherries, oranges, eggplants, peanuts and sunflowers.


Manufacturer:EAVision (China)
Product:EA-30X (Hercules)
Max payload capacity:30 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width:4/4.5m – 8m
Max flight time (per charge):Depending on payload, empty load 22min, full load 8min20sec
Min | Max flowrate:250ml/min | 10L/min
Battery capacity in mAh:20,000mAh
Standard charge time:Yes/11min (30%-95%)
Price:US $14,000- US $22,000 (FOB)

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