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EAVision says binocular visual perception and AI autonomous control are its core technologies. The company has developed and expanded its intelligent machine equipment and software for many fields and scenarios. EAVision recently introduced its drones on farms in Brazil and Turkey.

The EA2021A – fully designed and manufactured by EAVision – has a binocular vision system, which can automatically avoid obstacles during operation. The drone can follow ultra-low terrain and is also well equipped for hilly and mountainous scenes. It is well suited to work in many crops, including rice, cotton, maize, wheat, grape, cherry, orange, eggplant, peanut and sunflower.

The drone has an RTK base and a L4 level of drone autonomy and comes with 20-250 μm adjustable mist nozzles. The EA2021A is equipped with a Lidar sensor, a millimeter-wave radar sensor and an ultrasound radar sensor. It is suitable for safe and secure night operations. 


Manufacturer:EAVision (China)
Max payload capacity:20 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width:4/4-5 m
Max flight time (per charge):Depending on payload, can spray up to 8-10 hectares per hour
Battery capacity in mAh:20,000mAh
Standard charge time:18 minutes
Price:$13,000-$18,000 (FOB)

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