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  • Manufacturer: Elatec
  • Robot: E-Tract
  • Task(s): mechanical weeding, spraying and phenotyping. 
  • Development start: 2018
  • Pricing: €70.000 / $81.000 exc vat.


The E-Tract is a generic tool-carrying robot with two positions for attaching implements. It has a triangle in the centre and standard 3-point category 1 hitch at the rear. You can thus attach standard implements that are generally used in vegetable cultivation for for instance mechanical weeding, spraying and phenotyping. The implement position in the centre enables optimal control of the working depth of for instance a hoeing machine. The main arguments of this robot according to Elatec are its mechanical simplicity, which makes it reliable and easy to maintain on the farm. And its function as a versatile tool carrier offering many possibilities of use. It is also easily transportable on a trailer behind a car.

Drive train type

Two electric motors with industrial very robust epicycloid reducer direct to the 2 driving wheels.


One hitch in the middle for precise work with perfect field tracking due to the position of the tool in the centre of the robot (lifting capacity 300 kg). Hitch at the back is according to the category 1 norm with automatic hooks ( capacity 400 kg). It is also equipped with a 48v plug for external tools (sprayer, intelligent hoeing tools, rotary tiller).

Navigation system

GPS with correction for navigation. The site is previously prepared with the software of the tablet then transferred to the robot by wifi. It can also be manually uploaded with the tablet. It has a 3D camera to spot obstacles and a bumper in case of physical contact. There is no incidence between night and day.

Look for all specifications in the table below.


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Name robotE-Tract
DimensionsLength : 3m/9,84 feet. Width : 1,80 m/5,9 feet. Height: 1,4m/4,6 feet. Track width 1,55m/5,01feet  
Turning radius2.5m/8.2 feet
Weight  900 kg
Energy source  Electricity/batteries
Energy stock/range  With standard batteries configuration, there is 4 hours autonomy in vegetable hoeing. The E-Tract robot is evolutive and we can put additional batteries to increase autonomy.  
Driveline  Two electric motors with industrial epicycloid reducer direct to the 2 driving wheels.
Output capacity  Vegetable hoeing capacity is about 1.2 ha per hour. Max speed of the robot is 6 km/h.  
Navigation system GPS with correction for navigation and 3D camera to spot obstacles
Pricing  Standard with GPS guidance system, tablet, safe emergency stop system, ready to operate €70,000/$81.000 exc vat.
Availability (countries)France, The Netherlands
Units operational (total end 2021)  2

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