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What is the most striking detail of your solution?

The eSurvey EAS301 Pro-Hydraulic is a versatile auto-steering system. Thanks to its advanced route planning algorithm, the EAS301 Pro-Hydraulic ensures that vehicles follow the exact same paths for seeding, spraying, and harvesting, maintaining an accuracy of ±2.5 cm.

Briefly describe how and by whom is it fitted/installed. How much time does a typical installation take?

Setting up the EAS301 Pro-Hydraulic starts with adding the steering solenoid valve into the tractor’s hydraulic system. The satellite receiver gets mounted on top of the cab. The display terminal mounted inside cab. It includes a wheel sensor and a back camera, all of which connect to a screen inside the cab. The whole setup typically takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

Is it possible to use or build on pre-installed or factory fitted components on tractors/vehicles such as hydraulic components, wiring harnesses?

Our system currently doesn’t support integration with existing tractor components, but we’re working on developing this capability.

How easy is it to take the system from one tractor/vehicle to another? What are the requirements/pre-instalments for each tractor/vehicle?

The EAS301 Pro-Hydraulic, except for the steering solenoid valve, features a design that includes just three main components, all optimised for quick and easy assembly/disassembly. The design reduces the risk of theft and allows for swift transfer to another vehicle. The entire EAS301 Pro-Hydraulic series system can be calibrated in 15 minutes.

Do you offer a STANDARD solution to temporarily continue using autosteer when reception of satellite or correction signals lacks or fails?

Should there be a temporary loss of satellite reception or correction signal, the EAS301 Pro-Hydraulic maintains its centimetre-level accuracy for 10 minutes. If the signal doesn’t return within this timeframe, the system will alert the user and halt the automatic steering.

What type of patterns are available?

The EAS301 Pro-Hydraulic supports a variety of common patterns, including straight line (AB line and A+ line), curve line, pivot, and headline.

How often and at what costs (€/US$) is the system software updated?

Software updates are provided to users free of charge, twice a year.

Which licenses/unlocks are available and at what costs (€/US$)?

Isobus, available for US$1,000.

Company name and nationality (origin)eSurvey (China)
Product nameEAS301 Pro-Hydraulic (hydraulic)
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsAll tractors/vehicles
Technical requirements for tractor/vehicleHydraulic turning supported
Which global satellite systems does it support as STANDARD?GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS
What type of terminal(s) are available?
– Terminal size(s) (inch)
– Type of display/screen
– Is it waterproof/water resistant?
Touch screen
Yes, it’s IP65
What application map and data formats does it support?ESRI Shape
Is your solution Isobus compatible?Yes
Can you engage autosteer with a button on the tractor arm rest/joystick?No
Is it capable of doing autoturns on headlands?Yes
Can it control/operate sections of sprayers, seed drills, etc?No
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds with autosteer engagedmin.: 0.2 km/h max.: 25 km/h
Main components autosteer systemTablet, receiver, wheel angle sensor, camera, steering solenoid valve
Rough retail price (in €/US$)US$7,499

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