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Robot: Titan FT-35
Task(s): Automated mechanical weeder
Development start: 2019
Pricing: As a service, under €445/US $500 per acre


Titan FT-35 is an automated diesel engine powered mechanical weeder that distinguishes crops from harmful weeds using computer vision. The Titan FT-35 is adaptable to different crops, soils and growth stages. It has adjustable blade precision with proprietary blade design, customised for field conditions. It uses cameras and sensors for navigation and removes 95% of all weeds with surgical accuracy while leaving vegetables untouched. The robot easily switches from one crop type to another and has flexible bed widths to work in different settings. It can handle row configuration up to 6 seed lines per bed. In 2022, FarmWise will present a brand new machine design.

Drive train type

50 horsepower diesel engine


Not disclosed

Navigation system

Titan FT-35 uses GPS, cameras and sensors and is supervised by a human operator.


Name/ type robotFarmWise Titan FT-35
DimensionsNot disclosed
Turning radiusNot disclosed
Weight  Not disclosed
Energy source  50 horsepower diesel engine
Energy stock/range  Not disclosed
Driveline  Driveline Titan can handle from 1 to 6 lines of crops per bed
Output capacity  Output capacity 1 acre per hour
Navigation systemTitan FT-35 uses GPS, cameras and sensors and is supervised by a human operator
Pricing  As a service, under €445/US $500 per acre
Availability (countries)FarmWise is currently serving vegetable growers in the US
Units operational (total end 2022)  25

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