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The Flying Tractor Agrodron is the result of an idea first conceived by two young Ukrainian engineers back in 2017. The latest, 16 litre capacity model is fitted with four 015 size nozzles, mounted beneath the rotors achieving an effective swath width of 6m at a 4m working height. A single pump can deliver automatically regulated flowrates for applications from 3l/ha to 15l/ha.

Fully autonomous operation is delivered via an Android tablet and the firm’s own software, which the engineers developed by customising existing open source code. The program maps the field and creates a grid and prescription maps.

In auto mode the drone takes off, applies and returns without any operator intervention. The application rate is shown in real time on the controller, which also automatically controls the flowrate to match the speed. A granule applicator and tank is an option.


Manufacturer: Flying Tractor (Ukraine)
Product: Flying tractor Agrodron
Max payload capacity: 16 litres
No. rotors / Effective swath width: 8 / 6m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): 15min
Battery capacity in mAh: 22,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time: 60min / fast: 30min
Recommended retail price: $12,170