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A system suitable for any tractor – old and new – with power steering. The GOtrack AutoDrive system can be installed on basically any tractor – old and new – with power steering. The system not only controls the tractor but also implements.

What is the most striking according to the supplier?
Our system can be installed on most tractors with power steering. There is no need to install it on brand new, modern tractors. However, the GOtrack AutoDrive system is ready to be installed on tractors with a Canbus interface. Our AutoDrive system not only controls the tractor but also implements.

How does the robot tractor with your system navigate and plan its work and paths?
It uses teach and playback technology, generally in orchard and vineyard applications. In some applications the system calculates the paths by itself such as for grass silage production and planting.

How are implements operated and controlled by your system?We can fully control and regulate sprayers and other implements.

What are the safety features?
Our system is equipped with an obstacle detection system and if required, we deliver technology for people detection (day/night). If the tractor is equipped with Canbus, we can monitor all important errors and the system is also self-controlling. In case of wire damage, computer glitch, or lack of communication of any part of the system, everything stops (engine, tractor, et cetera).

What kind of work can your system do autonomously?
Spraying, mowing, mechanical weed control and planting. Other functionalities and operations are under development.

Can you switch off autonomous mode and continue as a manned tractor for difficult work/circumstances?
Yes, after pressing a button, the tractor comes back to normal mode. There is no need to unmount anything.

How many systems are currently in the field and where?
We started the development in 2016 and currently have 20 systems in the field in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.

What is the cost price per ha compared with a manned tractor?
This was never calculated because it is too difficult to calculate. Some customers calculate only labour costs, some calculate convenience and reliability (24/7 work ability). Some are just technological geeks. Labour costs are different in every country.


Company name and nationalityGOtrack – Polish
Product nameGOtrack AutoDrive
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsAll brands
Technical requirements for tractor/vehiclePower steering and good technical condition
Is your solution Isobus compatible?No
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds0,1 km/h – 15 km/h
Main components autonomous retrofit kitMCU, steering wheel drive, clutch and brake drive, remote control, computer, sprayer/implement control box, mobile app
Operator or driver nearby requiredNo (only to start the system)
Price€35.000 / US$ 42,500
Countries the product is for sale/rent in 2021Poland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Ukraine

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